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Virtual April 4-Week Hanko Class

April 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

We are excited to announce Shehan Sensei’s Virtual Hanko (判子) (Seal Carving) Workshop sponsored by The Japanese Culture Center.

Class Description:

This will be an excellent opportunity to study with Shehan Sensei and learn Hanko (判子) (Seal Carving) from a shougai no gakusei, Budoka and resident Haiku Master.

As this is a virtual workshop the class will be 1 hour of instruction time each week for 4 weeks with a presentation on the final week. Sensei will also be available on Wednesday after noons for a brief meeting with each student if they want more feedback.

A seal is typically made of stone, wood or ivory on which characters or pictographs are carved, and serves as proof or certification when pressed on a vessel, utensil, painting, document or letter and are typically used with red ink or cinnabar paste. Its origin can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization in 4,000 B.C. Later, it was introduced into China, and significantly developed during the Han Dynasty. It was brought to Japan along with a variety of Chinese cultures through Japanese envoys in the Asuka Period. Gagō-in (雅号印) are used by artists to both decorate and sign their work. In this workshop participants will design, carve and make their own Hanko seals.

  • Class 1: Overview of Cultural History. Shehan Sensei will discuss the vast history of the Asian Seal Stone.
  • Class 2. Create Designs: Draw Seal designs on Tracing Paper using pencil or use premade designs.
  • Class 3. Final works: Carve Seal.
  • Class 4. Presentation of your work

The dates for this class will be: 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, & 5/1

All materials included in cost of workshop:

  • 1 Seal Carving Knife
  • Two Blank Carving Seal Stones
  • Red Seal Paste in Ceramic Container
  • What is a 姓名章 Name Seal:

This is the seal with your name on it. It tells people who created a painting or calligraphy.

Yang 阳 (also called 朱文 zhu wen, red character in Chinese)

Ying 阴 (also called 白文 bai wen, white character in Chinese)

*After registering an invitation URL will be sent to you.*

**Tickets will be sold until NOON CST one week prior to beginning of workshop to ensure arrival of supplies.**